Favorite Amazon Purchases of the Month

*This blog contains Amazon affiliate links. However, all recommendations/reviews are my own and I will only share items I truly love and use.

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Cursive Handwriting Workbook For Kids: Beginning Cursive

What I love about this workbook:

  • Guide to practice each letter stroke (Tip: use a stylus to have child practice tracing each letter as many times as needed, to develop muscle memory).

  • Blank lined paper (in back of book) to copy for extra practice.

  • Practice connecting letters towards the end of the book.

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Cursive Handwriting Workbook For Kids: First 500 Words

What I love about this workbook:

  • Plenty of pages to practice writing words in cursive.

  • Blank lined paper (in back of book) for additional practice.

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“1001 Things Everyone Should Know About African American History”

What I love about this book:

We just started this book (September) but I skimmed through it and think it is a very good educational tool for teaching History. It’s very easy to grab a topic (or person) from the book and create a comprehensive unit study. It touches on everything from the first Africans to reach the United States to iconic hip hop artists.

Great book for adults, as well!

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“Everything You Need To Ace Science In One Big Fat Notebook”

What I love about this book:

It’s a very comprehensive book that covers just about every main topic in Science. It includes breakdowns, images and examples for children to grasp the full concept of theories and studies. I also like the quiz at the end of each Chapter.

I honestly think this is a great book to add to any home library!

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“Everything You Need To Ace English (Language Arts) In One Big Fat Notebook”

What I love about this book:

Another great comprehensive book, overall. Depending on how you teach and/or create lessons, this book and be used as a supplement or occasional tool when teaching certain topics in LA.

Great book to add to any home library!

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THINK FUN “Math Dice”

I purchased these dice because I wanted a find a fun way to teach basic Math facts. Having both visual and kinesthetic learners, games are very important in their learning process.

You can use these dice for multiplication, addition and subtraction for almost any level of Math!

*I share my games and ways I use most manipulatives on my blog and ig (@creativehomeschool).

Roll and solve!

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Learning Resources “Play Money”

Why I love this:

Pretty cut and dry with this one. It’s kind of nice to be able to teach about money (as well as adding and subtracting) without having my boys use and lose real money (yeah…it’s happened before, lol).

Use this tool in imaginary play (grocery store), teaching the value of bills and coins and/or practice giving money and receiving the correct change.

I purchased one set but quickly purchased another for backup and to challenge the kids as their level of understanding increases.

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Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills, Grade 4

What I love about this workbook:

I LOVE these books for EVERY grade level I have purchased, so far (Grade K-4).

As a homeschooler, I don’t usually purchase boxed curriculum. So, books like this help me create complete lessons for my children and ensures that I hit every topic for that grade level.

This workbook covers Math Reading, Reading Comprehension, English and Writing. I also use their “Maps & Geography” workbook (pic on right).

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“Mighty Robot VS. The Stupid Stinkbugs From Saturn”

Ok….so, this series obviously isn’t a “serious” educational tool, lol! However, my boys LOVE them and whatever encourages them to read (and giggle) I BUY! I actually enjoy these books more than the “Captain Underpants” series. Just don’t tell my kids, lol!

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“Our Read-Aloud Family Journal”

This book is basically a blank template allowing you to fill in each book you read, as a family.

We read tons of books, together, so this book is a nice way of keeping track. It can also be added to my children’s portfolios at the end of each school year.

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Think Tank Scholar: Sight Words

We use these sight word cards every single day! Even when I feel he has mastered them, we constantly review. I like them because I don’t have to worry about printing and laminating a million sight words, online AND they are shaped so you can easily put them back in order (right side up). That seems like a small thing BUT if you’ve ever had to put cards back in order, you’ll understand how BIG that actually is…..lol!

Snake Cubes

These snake cubes are EXCELLENT for sensory play! Can be used for brain stimulation, fidget tools, perfecting fine motor skills and more. I purchased the larger size but they offer a smaller option. ((I actually grew up playing with these so they’ve been around for quite some time. I’m not old, though….lol)

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