FREE "Thank You" Christmas Cards!

Let’s take a few minutes to send a sweet “Thank You!” to everyone that sent (will send) some AMAZING gifts to your family (little ones)!

Just download, print on card stock paper and send!

There are 4 options to this download:

1. “Thank you!” for a single gift w/black and white pics (for children to color in themselves).

2. “Thank you!” for more than one gift w/black and white pics (for children to color in themselves).

3. “Thank you!” for a single gift w/color pics

4. “Thank you!” for more than one gift w/color pics

Click link below pics to download!

Single gift w/black and white pics (for child to color)

Single gift w/black and white pics (for child to color)

More than one gift w/pics in color

More than one gift w/pics in color

Kwanzaa Activity Packet

Habari Gani?!

Kwanzaa is near! We’re getting prepared to celebrate and uphold the principles with family and friends! Are you ready? Download my fun and informative packet below. Yup…it’s FREE!!

Enjoy the updated version!

I also recommend a great Kwanzaa book below! It does an excellent job of teaching children about Kwanzaa and the possible ways to celebrate.

Kwanzaa blog pic.png

Habari Gani?!

FREE Kwanzaa activity packet!

Click image to purchase book.


FREE Gingerbread Man Template!

Nothing to it but to download, laminate and decorate!

You can use puff paint, foam stickers or window decals for this fun holiday activity! *

When puff paint dries, you can peel it off and decorate again and again!

gingerbread man template pic.png

Decorate Me!

Download using link below!

Christmas Crafts: Salt Dough Ornaments

Finally finished our salt dough ornaments! The boys really enjoyed making them. There’s a few things I will do differently next year (or the next time around…in a week or so).


Mix: 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of cinnamon, 1 cup of salt and 1/2 cup of warm water.

Other supplies: cookie cutters, wax paper, puff paint, glue or glaze, ribbon.

Mix all ingredients ( flour, cinnamon, salt and water) together…using your hands (much easier)

(There’s probably a million and one salt dough recipes online, if you are partial to any of them, I say go ahead and use it. :)

After mixing dough, roll out using a bottle or rolling pin coated in flour (working on wax paper.

making ornaments.jpg

Separate dough into 2 or three parts (makes it easier to work with and separate among children). Now, use your cookie cutters. Make sure you don’t roll the dough too thin or the ornaments will break when dry (personal note…lol). The best ones are about 1/4 inch thick. Use a straw to poke a hole in the ornaments.

ornaments before painted.jpg

Let dough dry for 2 or three days. I heard you can also bake them at 250 for about an hour but I never tried it.

Once dry…..decorate with your puff paint (or whatever paint you choose). When paint dries, glaze with glue or mod podge. (Personal note: Next time we won’t lay our glue on so thick…yikes!

decorating cookie.jpg
painted ornaments.jpg

To hang, we used twine. You can use whatever works for you: ribbon, twin, string, pipecleaners, etc.

close up of ornaments on tree.jpg

If you give this project a try, don’t forget to tag us: @creativecrushstudio and/or @creativehomeschool :)

FREE Pumpkin Template To Decorate!

Simple crafts where I don't have to do a TON of prep?! Sign me up! All you have to do is print out this pumpkin template and laminate! Your kids/students can decorate their pumpkin over and over again! Use dry erase markers and wipe off OR use puff paint, let dry and peel off!

Pull up a chair....the download is on me! 😉

pumpkin template1024_1.jpg

Pumpkin Template

*Wanna know the best way for you guys to share my fun activities/games and FREEBIES? Feel free to share the blog link with friends so they can come join our creative party and download a pdf for themselves. 😊

FREE Place Value Activity Printable!

Super simple activity to strengthen your child’s understanding of place value. Also can be used to practice writing numbers in standard and extended form.

*Download using link below pic


Have child roll dice to create a number. If you are only teaching up to the tens place, have them roll twice (up to hundreds, roll 3 times), etc. After they write down their number, have them say their number out loud (practice: reading numbers), then write them in expanded form on the second sheet.

A few extra ways to use these sheets: write a number in expanded form and have your child fill them in the correct spot on their Place Value Mat.

Place Value Battle: Say a number (out loud) and have two or more players write the number down in their correct spot on the Place Value Mat and then break the number down in expanded form. First player to finish first (with the correct answer) WINS!

Place Value Mat pic.jpg

Place Value Mat


Recipe: "Boo-Berry" Green Tea!

This green tea recipe is a great addition to any Fall party!

Perfect for parties!


8 cups of water 

6 green tea bags

2 cups blueberries (I used frozen from Trader Joe's)

1 cup sugar (or desired sweetener)

Ice (optional) 

Makes 2 quarts.

Add 2 cups of water and blueberries to a pot and boil for about 15 minutes. Try to avoid blueberries getting too mushy because it will be harder to strain. Once done, strain liquid into a container. Add tea bags and sugar. Let steep for about 10 minutes (longer if you desire a stronger taste). Pour remaining cups of water (6) in pitcher. Place in fridge or freezer until cold. Pour over ice or enjoy as is! 

Jars: I used regular glass jars and glued cotton balls to the top (pulled cotton apart before applying). Then, I just glued the googly eyes on and let dry. Paper cups would be a great alternative….especially for a party (easy clean up….trash and go…lol!)

Have any Halloween projects planned?

"10 AMAZING African American Scientists" Packet (FREE Download)

School is HERE...WOW! This summer break was much needed and we FULLY enjoyed the time off. But, back to work we go! So, that means plenty of FREE and low priced downloads from me : ) 

Here's a packet I created for my boys. It can be used to support a Science and History study. I will break them down into weeks....meaning, one person/scientist a week (which translates into 10 weeks) And since we operate on a 5 weeks on and one week off schedule, this packet will take us all the way to mid-November. 

Click the link below to download (FREE)

Templates are BLANK, with names given (See example pic below)

10 African American Scientists11024_2.jpg

Science and History

In one packet!

Misty Copeland FREE Packet Download

*This post contains Affiliate links from Amazon.

Slowly adding more of my book reviews, activities, crafts and reports to the blog....very

This packet is based on the book: "When I Grow Up: Misty Copeland" a Scholastic Book (Level 3)

Make sure you scroll all the way down. I added a list of GREAT books that are ALL about ballet!

Misty Copeland Ballet Packet bookmark.jpg

Included in this download:

Cover page

"What I Like About Ballet" wksht



Door Sign

If you wanted to create a "Theme Basket" or grab a few books that cater to different grade levels, check out these other Misty Copeland  and ballet inspired books. I am so excited to dive into ALL of these! Of course, I will share any and all printables I create, with you guys! 😄

"Firebird" by Misty Copeland

"You Should Meet: Misty Copeland"

"Ballerina Dreams: From Orphan To Dancer"

"Misty Copeland: Life In Motion"(Young Readers)

"Misty Copeland: Life In Motion" (NYT Best Seller)

"Taking Flight: From War Orphan To Ballerina" Story of Michaela DePrince

First Position (DVD)

"Dancing In The Wings" by Debbie Allen

"Sugar Plum Ballerinas" by Whoopie Goldberg

There's so many more books, movies, coloring books and things you could add to your "Ballet Basket" or display for your little readers (or the whole family) to dive into. If you have any you would like to share, feel free to comment below!