My Top 5 Favorite Places To Score STE(A)M Items!

Two boys....nonstop playing! I guess that's the main reason why the majority of our school work includes games, activities and/or building something....ALWAYS! One of our favorite things to do is build cars and robots...any kind, any size. And they don't have to be elaborate or expensive....just fun! Here's a list of my "go to" places for cool building kits/items:


Five Below

Solar-bot (pictured)

Number one (and definitely my favorite) Five Below! Not sure of how many stores they have in the US but I know they have them in NJ (where we used to live) and FL (we have to travel a bit further to get there but definitely worth it.) They have TONS of kits, crafts and supplies! I've scored solor bots, spider bots, race cars and alot of other cool supplies.

Jordan working on car.jpg


Battery Operated Car (pictured)

I mean....what list DOESN'T include Amazon? Pretty sure everyone knows all of the great items you can score on Amazon. I purchase LOADS of STEAM supplies and kits from them. We tried our hand at a battery operated car (very simple model) a few months ago and it was a SUCCESS! Amazon now has a monthly STEAM subscription where you can get one cool project per month. If your kids are into building, it may be worth a try!

build a car from BN.jpg

Barnes & Noble

"Build a car" kit (pictured)

I'm still not a fan of B&N having toys in their stores (too much of a distraction for the boys) BUT I do love the cool kits they have. They can cost a pretty penny so be sure to check out the clearance section. That's my first stop when I go! I usually score some cool "build a car" kits, legos, blocks and drawing supplies.

zoob car.jpg

The Learning Express

Zoobs (pictured)

Ok...I'll confess....I am GUILTY of buying ALL of the boys' Christmas gifts from this store! (Thankfully, their aunty and grandmothers came through with the "cool" I just couldn't help myself! They have SO many learning toys! I've purchased fidget tools, puzzles, building kits, educational books, legos and then some. Not sure if they have many locations but if you do happen to have one close by GO....NOW! (Well, not right now...but soon 😉). They even have FREE gift wrapping!!! I know!!!! Amazing, right?!

rubberband car.jpg


Rubberband powered car (pictured)

So, this technically isn’t a store BUT YouTube is filled with videos that can give you great ideas/projects to do! Just type in "Simple STEM projects" or something similar, and I'm pretty sure you'll have enough to do for weeks! We like the cool Science experiments for kids, art tutorial videos (Art for Kids Hub is our fave) and simple household supply projects. Check out this cool rubberband powered car we made!

*Honorable mentions (more on the art side of things): Michael's, Joann's and A.C. Moore. I'm a crafter so we are literally in one of these stores at LEAST once a week! Tons of arts and craft kits/ideas and classes!

What's your favorite spots to score great STEAM items? Feel free to share! We love adding great places to our list!