FREE Place Value Activity Printable!

Super simple activity to strengthen your child’s understanding of place value. Also can be used to practice writing numbers in standard and extended form.

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Have child roll dice to create a number. If you are only teaching up to the tens place, have them roll twice (up to hundreds, roll 3 times), etc. After they write down their number, have them say their number out loud (practice: reading numbers), then write them in expanded form on the second sheet.

A few extra ways to use these sheets: write a number in expanded form and have your child fill them in the correct spot on their Place Value Mat.

Place Value Battle: Say a number (out loud) and have two or more players write the number down in their correct spot on the Place Value Mat and then break the number down in expanded form. First player to finish first (with the correct answer) WINS!

Place Value Mat pic.jpg

Place Value Mat